Driving license and bad stomach

Today I’m gonna do an exception and write everything in English, since I’m currently only have access to an mongolian computer. I finally got my driver license today, after having applied for it 5 weeks in advance. Yesterday I got lost in the city centre by bike, and used 1h 45 minutes back home, for something that should have taken me 30 minutes. So that’s what happens when David is going to West Mongolia and leaves me cold and alone in the darkness of Ulaanbaatar. I presume it will be even worse to navigate by car. 😉

Talking about navigating with cars and bikes: You really should watch this video! Very informative and accurate about how to bike and drive in Mongolias capital, presented in a funny way. While biking, I’ve also nearly been killed by those buses presented in the video here, so it’s probably best that you don’t watch this, mom.


I will have my first driving experience in Asia later today, should be interresting.

But over to the other topic. As recently told I participate in something called a pastor league in downtown Ulaanbaatar. Last week I came a little early and bought something called aloe vera juice. A nice and tasty refreshment drink imported from Korea. Anyway, I already know that I’m allergic to drink aloe vera, but I tell my body to shut up and I continues to drink. This time it didn’t work though, and I had an instant need for finding a toilet quick. Real quick!

As the tournament is held in one of the major universities in Mongolia (Ulaanbaatar University) I really expected more of the toilets. It was a dirty hole in the ground, but this wasn’t the time to be picky, so I sat down, but realized there were no toilet paper. I dressed again, checked every possible enclosure, but toilet paper was nowhere to be found. Neither in the girls toilet, which I sneaked in to. (Sorry girls, emergency)

I ran up to 2nd floor and found another toilet (another hole in the ground) and I thought, yes!! It didn’t take too long though, before I realized there was no toilet paper in this building. But I felt I couldn’t wait anymore, so I desperately started to look around for items I could get use for. I made my way down to a class room, orientated me for some seconds, grabbed some important looking papers that was attached to the wall, and ran back to the toilet. There was a picture about a choir event, which I didn’t take, because it looked like a good thing, so that made me feel a little better about my actions.

I feel sorry though for the ones that had to write their documents again, but that really was for a good cause. 🙂

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